Smart logistics

Nowadays the Food industry requires innovation in the supply chain. Our advanced logistic platform meet this requirement with a sophisticated innovative software: the CLOUD SOURCING INTELLIGENCE (CSI) can increase the efficiency of product handling from a continent to another.


Agrilogistica has revolutionized the industry, not only as a conveyor, but as a true mediator between Italian manufacturers and US retailers, able to anticipate the needs of distributing Italian products to the USA.


Anticipating you needs. The information sharing among players leads us to plan the future US Market needs. Agrilogistica can handle production constraints, sales and stock inventory guarantying always fresh products on shelf with no out-of-stock and no over-stock.


Agrilogistica optimize containers per products and suppliers. Eliminate inefficiencies keeping the inventory flowing, with no over-stock, fresher products at competitive price.


Most of USA retailers are looking for a way to reduce the costs and timing of supplying their products and build a positive relationship with suppliers. Agrilogistica, ensure up to 20% saving in the export process, giving Italian companies a more competitive advantage.