Cost Savings and No-Out-of-Stock with ARP

Introducing a New Business Model for U.S. Export: Cost Savings and No-Out-of-Stock with ARP

With over 30 years of experience in exporting to the USA, Agrilogistica launched ARP (Automated Replenishment Program), an innovative supplier management program based on the CSI (Cloud Sourcing Intelligence) strategy. This advanced solution facilitates the import of food products from Italy to the United States, providing integrated management of production, orders, transportation, customs clearance, and deliveries.

ARP represents a breakthrough in import and export, ensuring unprecedented cost savings in the industry and a wide range of benefits:

20% Cost Savings

By reducing fixed costs, ARP boosts your export, ensuring a 20% cost savings on the export of food from Italy to the USA. With Agrilogistica, your products are delivered directly from the port to the Distribution Center, avoiding the risk of overstock.

One Purchase Order per month

ARP predicts the demand on American shelves, allowing for the early scheduling of orders based on your production timelines. With only 12 orders per year (1 order per month), we ensure efficient replacement of your products in US supermarkets, minimizing the need for frequent orders and simplifying the process.

ARP more Efficiency

Optimized and easily accessible online orders through ARP make your business instantly operational. This efficiency will make your business planning easier by seamlessly and smoothly integrating production destined for export with that destined for distribution in Italy.

99.5% Container Optimization

Leveraging our logistics expertise in Italy-USA shipping, we maximize container optimization for departures to the United States under ARP. We guarantee precise placement and storage of goods in transit, ensuring the delivery of intact and fresh products to American stores.

More Flexibility

Efficient forecasting of product demand in the American market and a deep understanding of the seasonal patterns of Italian businesses allow us to optimize orders effectively, eliminating the possibility of out-of-stock scenarios.

No Out-of-Stock and No Overstock with ARP

With the annual order planning provided by the ARP system, the risk of out-of-stock products on American shelves is eliminated, improving your company’s reputation with both US retailers and end customers. Inventory monitoring and optimization minimize the risk of overstock and the substantial costs associated with storing goods in American warehouses.

Web Tool for Buyers

ARP includes an easy-to-use online customer area for your clients, providing a significant competitive advantage in the online marketplace.

Fresher Products

Effective order scheduling from Italy to the USA and perfect container optimization allow us to deliver your products consistently fresh to American shelves, increasing shelf-life and reducing the risk of expired and unsold products.

Ready to revolutionize your U.S. exports with Agrilogistica’s ARP? Take the first step towards unparalleled cost savings and efficiency. Contact us now to discuss how ARP can transform your business. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to eliminate out-of-stock worries and boost your profits. Let’s redefine your export success together!

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