Smart logistics with CSI

Agrilogistica: Revolutionizing Italian Food Exports to the U.S.

Embarking international markets, particularly from Italy to the U.S., presents both an extraordinary opportunity and a complex challenge. Long delivery times and high costs often compromise the profitability of Italian food products. Agrilogistica recognizes these obstacles and offers an innovative solution, the result of three decades of experience in the industry.

CSI (Cloud Sourcing Intelligence) is software that can meet the demand for Italian agri-food products in the U.S. market, reducing export costs and increasing the competitiveness of Made in Italy products on American shelves.

Empowering Through Data Sharing

Agrilogistica transcends the role of a conveyor, positioning itself as a mediator between Italian manufacturers and U.S. retailers. Through seamless data sharing, we anticipate the needs of distributing Italian products in the USA, ensuring a proactive and efficient supply chain.

Strategic Planning for Future Market Needs

Anticipation is key, and Agrilogistica excels in planning for the future needs of the US market. By fostering information exchange among stakeholders, we adeptly handle production constraints, sales, and stock inventory. The result? Always-fresh products on shelves, eliminating the risks of both out-of-stock and over-stock scenarios.

Optimizing Efficiency for Freshness and Affordability

Agrilogistica optimizes containers per product and suppliers, eliminating inefficiencies and ensuring a steady inventory flow. This approach leads to fresher products at competitive prices, as we meticulously manage stock levels without overstocking.

Cost-Efficiency and Savings

In a landscape where cost reduction is essential, Agrilogistica emerges as a key ally for USA retailers and Italian suppliers. By streamlining the supply chain process, we guarantee up to 20% savings in the export process, providing Italian companies with a significant competitive advantage.

Crafting Success Stories with CSI

Discover the power of CSI by Agrilogistica as we redefine the narrative of Italian food exports. Our innovative solutions not only tackle challenges head-on but also pave the way for seamless, cost-effective, and competitive operations in the dynamic landscape of international trade. Join us on this journey towards unparalleled success in the global market.