Strategic Benefits for Retailers

Innovative Supply Chain: CSI Redefines the Future of Italian Food Exports

The Italian Food sector gains an unprecedented competitive edge in the American market, thanks to the innovative Cloud Source Intelligence (CSI) software. This powerful logistics platform not only meets the innovation needs of the agri-food industry but also generates logistical and economic benefits for American retailers. Importing approximately €4.5 billion worth of Italian agri-food products annually, these retailers continually expand the offering of Made in Italy food & beverages on their shelves.

Strategic Benefits of CSI for American Retailers:

  • Eliminate Out-of-Stock Risks: CSI accurately forecasts the commercial demand for food & beverage products in the US market and quarterly schedules orders. This precision ensures consistently stocked shelves, providing retailers with the right assortment of products and safety stock at distributors.
  • Minimum Safety Stock for Efficient Management: By carefully analyzing sales data, inventories, promotions, and new openings, CSI anticipates market absorption, enabling precise order planning. Thanks to Agrilogistica, the need to maintain high stock levels is minimized, improving economic efficiency.
  • Say Goodbye to Over-Stocking Issues: CSI’s advanced features allow for precise scheduling of merchandise quantities, eliminating the risk of excessive supplies (overstocking) and significantly reducing procurement costs for Italian food.
  • Perpetually Fresh Products on Display: Through meticulous transport scheduling and shipment optimization, Agrilogistica, in partnership with CSI, preserves the quality and shelf-life of Italian products on the shelf. Timely deliveries and optimized container organization ensure products are always fresh and enticing for consumers.
  • Dedicated customer area for simplified tracking: Agrilogistica’s user-friendly online tracking service provides retailers with 24/7 access to all data related to transit merchandise in a dedicated customer service section, ensuring efficient monitoring.

Choose CSI by Agrilogistica: Elevate Your Italian Food Retail Experience!