Innovative solutions for Italian Products in the US

Agrilogistica: your partner for an enhanced supply chain

Agrilogistica is a key partner for Distribution Centers (DCs) in the United States, simplifying and facilitating
the distribution process. Our container optimization service enables quick and seamless management of goods from
Italy to US retailers.

Efficient Logistic Solutions for Made in Italy Products in the USA

Agrilogistica excels in perfect purchase order planning, optimizing containers tailored for products, manufacturers, and customers. Our freight consolidation strategy promotes the distribution of Made in Italy products in the USA, providing a seamless and efficient logistics experience.

High-Quality Products and Freight Consolidation Expertise

With years of experience, Agrilogistica has mastered the art of freight consolidation, maximizing container efficiency in terms of product quantity, weight, and volume. This results in the delivery of fresher products to distribution centers. Our transportation solutions, equipped with advanced tracking technologies, ensure the preservation of product quality throughout the supply chain.

Automatic Replenishment Program (ARP) for Reduced Storage Times

Agrilogistica’s cutting-edge Automatic Replenishment Program (ARP) shortens storage times at distribution centers to a maximum of 4 weeks, improving efficiency compared to the current average of 6-8 weeks.

Agrilogistica platform for Importers: Convenience and efficiency

Our innovative logistics system allows goods to be delivered directly to regional distribution centers located throughout the territory, allowing the importer to focus on core business activities while saving the huge costs of handling and storing goods.

Zero Storage Costs

Importers do not need to invest in large warehouses. Italian products are delivered directly to regional
distribution centers, eliminating the need for additional storage space.

Zero Handling Costs

Without the obligation of storage, importers save on time and handling costs. Our streamlined logistics make the
import process more efficiently.

Italian Food is more affordable

With the services offered by Agrilogistica, importing Italian products becomes more cost-effective than ever,
allowing importers to enjoy high-quality products without additional burdens.

Try our logistical efficiency for guaranteed success in the US market. Contact us today to start a successful partnership.