Exporting to the U.S. with Agrilogistica

Exporting the quality of your Made in Italy products to the USA: with our know-how, it’s easy

Exporting your products to the USA can significantly boost the growth of both small and large food companies. However, achieving this feat becomes impossible without a thorough understanding of all the regulations and procedures imposed by the US government on imported products.

Currently, many European SMEs fail to fully capitalize on export opportunities in the American market, citing regulations, procedures, and complex administrative requirements as major barriers to entry into the USA.

This is where Agrilogistica comes in, offering Italian companies a comprehensive internationalization service. We provide support at every stage of the export process, not just for logistics but also for all the necessary tax, legal, and administrative requirements for the landing and sale of Made in Italy products in the United States.

What We Do?

  • Certifications: We obtain all the necessary certifications for your products to enter the USA.
  • Labels: We adapt your labels to meet the requirements of the American market.
  • Transport: Efficient logistics and shipping documents compliant with regulations.

To export your products to the American market while adhering to US regulations, we obtain all necessary certifications on a case-by-case basis. This includes FDA authorization, USDA import permits required for certain food specialties containing milk or eggs, Chamber of Commerce certificates of origin when requested by the importer, analysis certificates for wine products, phytosanitary certificates for plant products, sanitary certificates for animal-origin products, and more.

The labeling required for products on the shelves of American supermarkets differs from European standards. You will need new packaging for export goods, different for each product type, with indications and values required by American food regulations. Agrilogistica takes care of modifying label designs and packaging to make them compliant with local regulations, without increasing the workload in your company.

We handle shipments from Italy to the USA efficiently, offering you a 20% cost saving compared to other export systems. Additionally, we ensure all your products are compliant for transport to the USA: MID code (required for non-US manufacturers), packaging, customs documents, invoicing, insurance, and package lists. Everything will be prepared and attached to your goods in perfect conformity with current US laws.

  • Focus on Production, We’ll Handle the Export

With our internationalization service for Italian companies, you can increase your revenue by conquering a new market. You will effectively and safely sell your excellent food products in the United States without adding new burdens to your staff.

  • Save Time

With Agrilogistica, you’ll have a single point of contact for all export-related activities. You won’t have to coordinate all the involved parties (shipping, printing, legal, accountants, customs, insurance, FDA, USDA offices, etc.) because we will organize everything needed for your exports. You’ll see your products on American shelves sooner than you think, without worries or additional workloads for your company.

  • No Risks

A single error or missing document can lead to your products being rejected in the American market. With 30 years of experience in exporting food products to the USA, relying on Agrilogistica ensures you won’t make mistakes in export activities and will kickstart a successful strategy.

Conquer the US market with Agrilogistica: Your ally for exporting Italian Excellence!